Welcome to Tempe, Arizona.  This is a incredible community.  Lets start at Arizona State University.  Rated one of the best colleges in the country.  While Tempe is synonmous with ASU, there is so much more to this incredible city.  For the active lifestyle, you have miles of running, walking,boating,rowing,biking and much more.  In fact every January, Tempe hosts the PF CHANGS MARATHON.  

Tempe also has some of the finest compaines in the world. Fulton homes, US AIRLINES, Mobile Mini and  more make Tempe, Arizona their home.  Tempe is one of the few cities to offer all types of housing.  You can live in a townhome or condo on the water or have a fantastic single family home.  Tempe is very accessible by Freeways, and light rail.  Tempe also has tons of shopping and resturants.

Tempe is a fantastic city to call home.  GO SUN DEVILS.